Passenger Datas Analysis

The threat assessment has become quite essential in border management and more generally the safety of the territory. Once a trip is booked, the PNR (Passenger Name Record), then the API data (Advanced Passenger Information) generated during recording, can be compared to referenced external databases and analyzed in relation to types of threat profiles to assess risks as early as possible.

This complex process should be carried out quickly and without errors.

Border security and optimization of passenger flows are two seemingly contradictory objectives. To meet this challenge, Morpho Dys designed Traveler Analytics Suite, a comprehensive solution for data collection of travelers and assessment of risks they may present. Morpho Dys offers a unique technological approach and modular in its design after its successful experience with governments for over 30 years:

  • Collection and processing of advanced passenger data API- PNR

    (Advanced Passenger Information - Passenger Name Record).Through flexible and standard sensors, Morpho Traveler Analytics Suite collects this information and filter the results according to local regulations and laws protecting privacy.

  • Smart data analysis.

    Two main methods are used.The first is to compare the API-PNR traveler to external databases (blacklists, wanted persons, suspect information, etc ...) with a powerful search engine.The second consists of several risk research and analytical tools controlled by the operator via an intuitive user interface.

  • Alert Management.

    Dans le cas d'une correspondance positive, un processus d'alerte personnalisable est déclenché pour les passagers identifiés.

In the case of positive match, an alert process is automated for identified passengers. Each project can be composed of all or part of the modules to be easily integrated in the process and existing systems. The solution is designed to be compatible with a large number of « open source » architecture, with fast deploy strategies respecting national laws protecting privacy.

Morpho Dys accompanies you throughout your project, from conception to maintenance, particularly when: interfacing with external systems (SIS, Interpol, national databases), establishing standardized exchanges between airlines and government agencies, and support to airlines throughout the connection process for passenger data collection systems.