Semi-automated solutions : E-Counter

Semi-automated solutions

All passengers are not eligible for automatic control (families traveling with children, foreigners who do not have passports compatible with the local system, etc.), Morpho team as the manual checkpoints (booths).

Morpho integrates with manual control booths specific tools to check passports and biometric visas. They allow to compare data of the title to a national database (AFIS) or European (BMS).

These tools can be fingerprint sensors, such as MorphoWave Desktop and range MorphoSmart, facial recognition or iris recognition sensors and interfaces for initiating verification queries in databases


The E-Counter Solution from Morpho addresses all critical stages of a control process at the border. Thus, this solution brings an undeniable support to the Border Police :

  • Reading and authentication of identity documents
  • Multi-biometric verification of identification documents (1: 1 or 1: N)
  • Checking the uniqueness of the identity of the traveler
  • Eligibility check the traveler to enter / exit the territory connection to national and international databases
  • Decision input and output
  • Alert Management: Exceeded the right of residence - second line of control
  • Calculating statistics

This modular solution is equipped with acquisition and processing tools, which vary according to the needs of policing at the border:
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Iris sensor has wide capture volume to accommodate the passenger size
  • Facial acquisition with cameras and flash
  • ID document reader (passport, visa)
  • Travel ticket reader
  • Integrated computer to compare the biometric data
  • With fraud detection means

Our algorithms and our biometric sensors, combined with our expertise in the design and manufacture, have made us world leaders in the field of biometrics.