Automated solutions : E-Gates

Automated solutions

The strong growth in the number of international travelers, in parallel with the awareness of the significant risks associated with terrorism and illegal immigration, have led governments to improve control process at borders checking points.

To meet their goals, they are turning to automated multi-biometric lock control, also known as e-gates.Fully automated, the e-gates read biometric information in traveler documents and compare them with those of the owner of the document.

MorphoWay - A control to secure borders, and optimized ease

MorphoWay ™, our automated control gate allows government agencies and airport authorities to secure and improve border crossings, whether on land, air or sea. Based on the latest technology of biometric recognition, this automated solution speeds up the passengers screening and reduce pending times while ensuring an optimal level of security.

The portal to modern trip

Located in both the arrival and departure areas, the MorphoWay has three different means of verification:

  • Checking the authenticity of the identity document
  • Verifying the identity of the traveler
  • Checking the traveler's eligibility to cross the border

This modular solution is equipped with acquisition and processing tools, which can vary depending on selected options:

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • iris sensor has wide capture volume to accommodate the passenger size
  • Facial acquisition with cameras and flash
  • ID document reader (passport, visa)
  • travel ticket reader
  • Integrated computer to compare the biometric data
  • fraud detection means