The "Best Innovation" competition has been an integral part of MIPS / Securika since 1996. Over the years, it has earned a solid reputation. experts in the security industry and contributed significantly to the fame of the exhibition by giving visibility to the latest successes of the sector. In total, more than 850 Russian and international companies took part in the competition.

MorphoWave ™ Tower voted "Best Innovation" at MIPS/SECURIKA 2016 exhibition

From March 14h to 17h, Morpho presented in Moscow its latest access control solutions at MIPS/SECURIKA 2016. This was the 22nd edition of this international exhibition dedicated to safety and protection equipment.

On this occasion, MorphoWave ™ Tower, the first access control solution that captures and identifies four fingerprints on the fly, without contact and in a single movement of the hand, was awarded the first prize in the contest of The "Best Innovation". This prestigious award - in addition to the awards already received from the Security Industry Association (SIA) and IFSEC International - is an international recognition of MorphoWave ™ Tower as a major progression in the field of access control.

Changi Airport (Singapore) Chooses Morpho to Equip Terminal 4 with Biometric Control System.

First deployment of facial recognition technology in Singapore airport Morpho (Safran) has signed a contract with Changi Airport (Singapore) for the provision of a biometric identity verification system using facial recognition. It makes the transition to checkpoints smoother and less burdensome for travelers, from baggage drop-off to boarding, to access to the security zone and the border crossing. This system will equip Terminal 4, which is due to open in 2017, based on the integrated MorphoPass solution and the MorphoWay automated airlock. Based on the biometric identification of passengers, MorphoPass allows you to follow the different stages of their journey and facilitate their journey to boarding. It reduces wait times for travelers, while increasing the effectiveness of controls at airports. MorphoPass is a solution available to airlines, airports, and passengers, which provides automation and traceability of traveler routing at all checkpoints. The system includes a centralized platform that manages the various steps necessary for the authentication and identification of passengers. We chose Morpho to install this passenger processing system with the objective of facilitating their journey in the airport. This is the first time facial recognition technology will be used at Changi Airport, replacing identity verification by employees.
Steve Lee, Director of Information and Technology at Changi Airport "We thank Changi Airport for their trust in this project. We build with our customer the airport of the future, at the forefront of biometric accuracy, fluidity and operational efficiency. We hope to continue this partnership and expand it into other areas of innovation, "said Anne Bouverot, president of Morpho. MorphoPass and the MorphoWay airlocks will be deployed in Terminal 4 of Singapore Airport as part of the Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) program. The T4, currently under construction, will have a processing capacity of 16 million passengers. Changi, one of the world's best airports for its quality of passenger services, welcomed more than 54 million passengers in 2014.

The new process enhances the passenger experience by integrating the control of identity documents and travel documents, ensuring easy access to all checkpoints at the airport, reducing wait times and making the transition in the airport less restrictive, without documents to carry.

Safran Identity & Security successfully conducts biometric e-embarkation test operations at Bangalore Airport

The process put in place was designed and developed in collaboration with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), the operator of the BLR airport. It is also conducted in accordance with the policies defined by Indian Aviation Security. This e-boarding is based on real-time biometric authentication of passengers using their unique Aadhaar ID number. Travelers can do all the steps within the airport, from the entrance kiosk to boarding, simply by passing their hands over a sensor. MorphoWave is a fast contactless fingerprint sensor. This biometric solution captures and compares fingerprints in less than a second with a single pass of the hand. Faster and more convenient to use than traditional sensors, MorphoWave makes it possible to speed up the various mandatory steps of the passenger within the airport.
Smart Gate is very popular in New Zealand, with more than 13 billion travelers who have successfully used this technology since it was introduced in 2009. "We are strengthening our capabilities to stay as effective as possible in border security, control and comfort of passengers." Carolyn Tremain, Comptroller General of the New Zealand Customs Service.

New Zealand customs choose new generation of Morpho e-Gates

Morpho (Safran) announces the signature of a new five-years contract with the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) until 2020. New Morpho e-Gates (new generation automatic lock) will be deployed in 2015 at Auckland International Airport. The agreement provides for the possibility at New Zealand's main airports to replace e-Gates and provide new ones within the next five years. The contract also includes a partnership between NZCS and Morpho to advance facial recognition research. The objective of this collaboration is to improve the accuracy of embedded e-Gates algorithms, reduce false rejects, and enhance border security.

Morpho wins multi-biometric border control contract in the United Arab Emirates.

Morpho (Safran) has just signed a major border control contract with the UAE Ministry of the Interior. This is a world first in terms of border control, thanks to the unique combination of the latest biometric technologies, automation and integration. This "e-Border" project includes the deployment of a comprehensive multi-biometric system, including 96 e-Gates (automatic border crossing gates) and 94 e-Counters (electronic immigration counters) in five major airports of United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi International Airport will lead the way in the spring of 2015. The system also incorporates Morpho's "Finger On the Fly" technology, the world's only on-the-fly and contactless fingerprinting solution. , in a single second, by a simple passage of the hand over the sensor. "Finger On the Fly" is a major innovation bringing speed, precision and ease of use, especially in terms of hygiene. This project also includes "Iris At a Distance", the fastest solution on the market for simultaneous acquisition of both iris and face, remotely and in less than a second. Fully automated, the e-Gates "MorphoWay" guarantee the highest level of security, while smoothing the border crossing. Their modern and ergonomic design allows easy use by travelers, both at the entrance and exit of the territory. Integration of the system into the existing environment is also an essential component of the project. In line with the pilot set up in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, the e-Border project interfaces with the existing systems of the Ministry of the Interior and the Visa Enrollment Centers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Philippe Petitcolin, President and CEO of Morpho, said: "This contract reinforces our long-standing partnership with the United Arab Emirates Border Police Authorities. We are confident that our collaboration will mark a major breakthrough in the field of border control for the country ". Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, General Manager, Central Operations, Abu Dhabi Police, added, "Morpho has proven technology and local expertise to understand our needs and expectations in the part of the e-Border project. We totally trust them for their know-how to support us in this most important project for our country. Morpho provides security systems to numerous government agencies and organizations in the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry of the Interior, the Abu Dhabi Police Force, the Emirates Identity Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Abu Dhabi Airports Corporation and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority are some of its clients. About Morpho morpho, Safran's high-technology subsidiary, is the world leader in the security market. The company employs more than 8,400 people in 40 countries and generated revenue of 1.5 billion euros in 2013. Morpho's unique expertise lies in its ability to provide security solutions for the following markets: civil identification systems, public security, protection of sensitive infrastructures and transport, solutions dedicated to companies. Morpho is the world leader in automated biometric identification systems, biometric identity documents and explosive detection systems (EDS). Morpho is also a leading supplier of smart cards, SIM cards, trace detection equipment and gaming terminals. With systems deployed in more than 100 countries, Morpho's solutions secure and make life easier for people around the world.

Morpho South Africa to provide multi-biometric platform in Botswana

Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho South Africa, has signed a contract with the Government of Botswana, represented by the Police Service of the country, to modernize and optimize their automated fingerprint identification systems. AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) digital scanners. The point is to create a new generation, multi-biometric and multi-use platform. The Botswana Police Service (BPS) is renewing its confidence in the company's advanced technologies and its ability to handle complex applications. Since 1998, the BPS has regularly chosen Morpho South Africa's solutions to meet its needs. This future multi-biometric system, which will meet the identification needs of different ministries, will use two types of biometrics: fingerprinting and facial recognition. As the first step towards optimizing information and communication technologies in government, this system will be one of the most advanced and complex ever delivered in terms of integrating multiple tools, separating and securing data from each department. Morpho South Africa will also deliver liveScan and cardScan (fingerprint capture) stations as well as mobile devices, and will also be responsible for maintaining the system for three years. The Botswana Police Service and other ministries using the platform are eager to see the new biometric identification system implemented, helping to improve the current procedures for the government and citizens. Tapudzani Pester Gabolekwe, Deputy Commissioner of Police of Botswana, in charge of infrastructure. "This contract reinforces our historic partnership with Botswana. We have proven our ability to deliver critical products and maintenance services, and we will now provide a platform that integrates multiple biometric technologies. This optimized solution will contribute not only to reinforce the the security of the country but also to establish e-government services, "added Paul Jeremias, CEO of Morpho South Africa. Safran is an international high-tech group, a leading equipment manufacturer in the fields of Aeronautics, Defense Space and Security (Security activities are intended to be divested). Operating on all continents, the Group employs 66,500 people (including Security) for a turnover of 15.8 billion euros in 2016 (excluding Security). Safran is listed on Euronext Paris and is part of the CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50 indexes. Safran Identity & Security is the world leader in identity and security solutions. With more than 40 years of expertise in the field of biometrics, the Group develops innovative systems for the public and private sectors for identity management, secure payments and transactions, and public safety. Operating in 62 countries, Safran Identity & Security employs more than 8,000 people with a turnover of 1.9 billion euros in 2016.

Sagem Security provides the Sultanate of Oman and Jordan with identification systems based on iris recognition

Montrouge, March 19h, 2008
Sagem Security (SAFRAN Group) will provide iris-recognition-based identification systems in the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Jordan for border identity checks. These identification systems will be deployed at more than 100 sites, mainly at border posts and at airports. The border police of both countries will have an extremely reliable and fast way to control identities at the entrance to their territories in real time, thanks to the recognition of the irises of the people previously registered in a database. Sagem Security is the first company selected in the Gulf for the supply of identification systems by iris recognition, after the provision of fingerprint recognition systems to several other countries in this zone of the world. This new major success of the iris recognition technology, coming after the selection of the IRIS * project of automated traveler control by the United Kingdom, confirms the position of Sagem Security as a world leader in biometric identification solutions and its perfect command of multibiometrics and its ability to provide turnkey identification solutions. IRIS: Iris Recognition Immigration System *** Sagem Security is a high-tech company belonging to the SAFRAN Group. Among the European leaders in security systems, it is present in four major areas. Biometric systems where it is the world leader in fingerprint-based biometrics, secure access control, payment and gaming terminals, road safety equipment and smart cards. Its equipment and integrated systems contribute worldwide to the security of transport, the security of data, the security of the citizen and the maintenance of state security at the highest level. Through the SAFRAN Group, Sagem Security is present on all continents.

Mobile authentication in China more secure and convenient with biometric solutions from Uni-ID and Safran Identity & Security

Safran Identity & Security announces the successful integration of Uni-ID's technology into its biometric facial recognition solution. This device is included in a mobile device authentication application that complies with FIDO certification. Uni-ID, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lenovo, is China's leading provider of innovative authentication technologies. China is the world's largest mobile payment market (source: BI Intelligence) and online service providers are looking for new ways to make client authentication more secure and convenient for mobile transactions. To enable banks, payment companies and mobile operators to offer a secure and simple authentication method, Uni-ID has chosen the Safran Identity & Security Software Development Kit (SDK) for biometric facial recognition for its authentication application. The SDK can be integrated with all existing Android or iOS devices. "Our facial recognition solution allows you to authenticate with a self-check, which users will appreciate! The optimized life detection function provides additional security ", explains Yves Portalier, Director of Safran Identity & Security's Telecommunications Business Unit."As a global leader in biometrics, we are uniquely positioned to provide Uni-ID's customers with the highest quality technology to enhance the security and convenience of mobile transactions in China. The partnership with Safran Identity & Security on a FIDO * compliant facial recognition system has significantly enriched our approach to biometric authentication solutions. The growing integration of FIDO into devices on the Chinese market is also very beneficial

INTERPOL and Morpho sign strategic partnership in the field of biometrics

The agreement signed between Morpho (Safran) and INTERPOL provides Morpho with the supply of various innovative biometric solutions and technical assistance to enhance global security. The partnership concerns the provision of automated biometric identification systems to INTERPOL, the provision of highly sophisticated security solutions for the future INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) [1], as well as collaboration in the field border security. This five-year partnership also provides for Morpho to equip INTERPOL with its state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, an additional criminal identification tool. The two organizations, as well as other key partners, will also work together to develop international standards and best practices. The goal of this collaboration will be to enhance border efficiency and security through the use of biometrics and to address the challenges of increasing numbers of travelers and associated threats. Ronald K. Noble, INTERPOL's Secretary General, explained that in view of the constant and rapid evolution of biometric technology, it was essential to rely on the expertise and support of the private sector by setting partnerships such as the one initiated with Morpho. "Criminals are using increasingly sophisticated means to avoid being detected. The Judicial Police must therefore also benefit from the latest technological advances, particularly in the field of biometrics, to be able to fight transnational crime in all its forms more effectively, "said Mr. Noble." This is particularly the case for borders where agents have only a few moments to decide whether or not to let a person into the country. It is essential for them to have all the necessary tools to check if a person is sought at the international level or has tried to hide his identity, "he added." This partnership between INTERPOL and Morpho brings together these essential elements to help our member countries better protect their borders and their citizens, and to bring to justice fugitive criminals," concludes the INTERPOL official. Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho, said: "This new partnership is a continuation of our efforts over the last 10 years to support INTERPOL's fight against cross-border crime with the provision of advanced biometric solutions." Thanks to our technological leadership and experience, we are well positioned to provide INTERPOL and its member states with valuable assistance in the area of ​​border security," added Mr. Petitcolin. Since 1999, INTERPOL has been using Morpho's Automatic Biometric Identification System (AFIS), enabling police officers from member countries to conduct checks and identify internationally wanted individuals via INTERPOL's global network. As part of the partnership, this system will be replaced by AFIS latest generation of Morpho, whose features have been improved and will allow even faster searches.


in/out systems at Cotonou Airport

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E- Counter
E- Gates
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INTERPOL database connection

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Project deployment in 4 months: From contract signature to first user
January 2017: Contract signature
May 2017: System, service with 18 e-counters and 4 e-gates